Game Demo Sign-Up

In class tomorrow (Thursday), we’ll separate for ten minutes to begin the process of establishing groups of three for game demos.

For the sake of simplicity, I’ve divided game demos into five possible categories: first person shooters (FPS), role-playing games (RPGs), massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), Independent (Indie), or Facebook games.

If you could think ahead of time which type of game interests you most, we can spend time in class more effectively networking and creating groups.

Once you’ve established a group and decided on two possible games, please determine on two possible dates you’d like to demo on and have one person email me the titles of the games (in order of preference), dates (in order of preference), and the names of all members of your group.

Below is the schedule of dates for possible game demos for your information and planning.

Game Demo Sign-ups

I’ll sign groups up on a first come, first served basis and post the schedule on this blog.



About cstabile

Carol Stabile is a founding member of Fembot , an online collaboration of scholars conducting research on gender, new media, and technology. She teaches at the University of Oregon.
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