Blog Post #1 Technology Uniting or Dividing us? The “Locker Gnome” vs Turkle

After our discussion in class today, I found this video on Youtube. (You might want to put on headphones as there are brief moments of strong language).  The “Locker Gnome,” as he calls himself, touches upon an idea that we discussed in class today: Does technology unite or isolate us?  The “Locker Gnome” argues that technology unites us, given that we as a society can overcome our differences and learn to accept one another for who we are.  While arguing for the unification aspect of technology, he inadvertently supports Turkle’s argument when he states that he socializes with others through the mail, some people he sees outside, and people online.  Turkle would argue that he is not receiving a healthy level of face to face conversation.  As a result, Turkle would likely say the “Locker Gnome” has underdeveloped social skills and has effectively isolated himself from society.

Do you think the Locker Gnome’s argument has validity?

If not, how could his argument be improved, or can it?

Is technology a uniting factor given that we, as a society, seek self-improvement?

Or do you think that the “Locker Gnome” is an isolated individual: proof Turkle’s ideas?

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One Response to Blog Post #1 Technology Uniting or Dividing us? The “Locker Gnome” vs Turkle

  1. cstabile says:

    tl:dl (too long, didn’t listen). Just kidding. I did listen, although I often feel that youtube is an alien planet populated by people who don’t like to listen, but love having a platform from which to hold forth. I don’t blame this on the technology, though. I think we live in a world where listening isn’t privileged — we’re all supposed to be people of action and of deeds and we don’t do much to teach people the value of listening and being patient with ideas you don’t agree with or that might challenge your way of thinking.

    But that’s a tangent. I supposed the real question is an a priori one: what does it mean to be isolated from society?

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