Pay what you want for a lot of cool games! (for charity and fun times)

Talking about Braid today (and with my presentation with Iris coming up about Super Meat Boy), I just wanted to tell everyone about a cool collaboration called ‘The Humble Indie Bundle.”

Humble Indie Bundles in the past have included Braid, Super Meat Boy, and other popular games such as Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Limbo, Legend of Grimrock, and even copies of the movie previewed in class today, Indie Game: The Movie. To get a Humble Bundle you pay any amount you want, anywhere from $.01 to $1,000. There are incentives to pay higher than the average price (you get more games), but it’s still a great deal, especially for college students on a budget.

I think as the class goes on we’ll talk about a lot of games that could appear in Humble Bundles in the future (a new one comes out around every three months), and I wanted to let everyone know about it in case someone wanted to check out and play the games themselves!

Here’s the website:

P.S. It also supports charitable causes, which is especially cool.

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3 Responses to Pay what you want for a lot of cool games! (for charity and fun times)

  1. knystrom2013 says:

    I should’ve remembered to mention this during the presentation, because it is the greatest thing ever. It’s how I got all of those games and the movie, and a million other games as well. Plus you’re supporting a charity, the developers of the games, and the website, not to mention getting all these amazing games. You can choose what you want to pay like KJ said, and then choose how you want to split your payment between the charity, the developers, and site upkeep. And these indie games are some of the most creative around, as I’m sure everyone saw with Braid. I just finished Limbo, and I’m currently playing Closure, which is another brutally hard puzzle platformer like Braid that I got from the Indie Bundles. Be sure to check this out!

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