From the Power Gamers Themselves

A professional League-of-Legends team brings the public in to see what life is like on their side of the game.

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3 Responses to From the Power Gamers Themselves

  1. mkhalifa503 says:

    A little bit of context: LoL is a team 5v5 strategy MMO, this particular team was expected to do really well last year in the world tournament, but I guess one of their teammates gave away some key strategies or other information that really hurt their performance. For most people, losing is just part of playing, but when your job is to play.. well. They talk about it a little bit in the vid (12 mins long)

  2. kjjohnson52 says:

    This is great. One) because I love reality T.V., and two) because it’s a really interesting look into this game. Something I wish I could have said in class when we talked about power gamers, though, was that there’s a big difference between LoL power gamers and WoW power gamers. Once a game becomes competitive, I wonder if you can even classify someone as being a power gamer. But I think this is really cool, and this is the first season I’ll get to follow the championship series.

  3. cstabile says:

    As per P.’s blog post below, is there a difference to be made between power gamers and progamers? Good question to ask Taylor in class on Thursday, because she touches a bit on this in the introduction to Raising the Stakes.

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