Question for T.L. Taylor

Dear Dr. Taylor,

You brought up some fascinating points in our reading from Raising the Stakes. My question revolves around the point you mentioned near the beginning of Chapter 2 about the “ever-shifting sands of performance enhancing drugs” in traditional sports. As a biology major, I couldn’t help but think that perhaps some hardcore e-sports players might choose to use performance-enhancing drugs that are normally prescribed for, say, attention deficit disorder. As these drugs assist cramming college students in pulling all-nighters before big exams, isn’t it possible that analogous forms of abuse are occurring in the e-sports and competitive gaming realm to give players an increased attention span or improve their reflexes? If so, do you know if there are regulations/prohibitions of such drugs in professional tournament settings?

Thanks so much!

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2 Responses to Question for T.L. Taylor

  1. kjjohnson52 says:

    Such a good question. That is all.

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