Question for T.L. Taylor

Hi Professor Taylor!

Having read from two different works of yours, I want to ask a question that merges the two (but hopefully doesn’t go too far outside the realm of Raising the Stakes). In the chapter about computer games, you investigate elements that e-sports and ‘traditional’ sports share, and while reading (especially during the sections on tournaments) I thought back to Play Between Worlds where you talk about power gamers. I wonder if you have any thoughts on how the two overlap, or if they’re completely separate topics. If, in the competitive e-sport realm, a power game can even exist as opposed to someone who is just dedicated to practice and performing well. This leads into my ultimate question about women being part of the e-sport world, and if you think any of these elements contribute to the lack of/barrier for women entering and becoming part of the community.

I know we’ll be discussing the logistics of what sports are and how e-sports fit into that category, but hopefully this isn’t too far off from that topic!

See you Thursday,

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One Response to Question for T.L. Taylor

  1. cstabile says:

    Great question, K.J. T.L. also talks about this in the first chapter of Raising the Stakes — how her research on power gamers in PBW actually led to writing Raising the Stakes.

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