Question for Taylor

After reading your chapter “Computer Games as Professional Sport” I was very impressed, and a little surprised, by the similarities you drew between “traditional” professional sports and e-sports.  For the longest time I have been very close-minded to the concept of e-sports being considered on the same level as professional sports, and after reading your chapter I found myself struggling to come up with a distinguishing difference between the two.  The only thing that I could really think of is the concept of practice, specifically drills.  In many so-called “traditional” sports, mastery of the game requires spending countless hours running through drills (overly simplified, and often boring, versions of a game that develop a specific skill required to succeed).  One example could be shooting free throws and another could simply be conditioning.  Do any drill-esque parallels exist in the gaming world?  I’ve never played Starcraft or Counter-Strike, but my current understanding is that the only way to practice the game is to play the game as is, and that there generally isn’t a way to isolate and repeat specific actions and/ or maneuvers until they’ve been perfected.

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