Question for TL Taylor

In Raising the Stakes, you make some great points about the surprising similarities between what might be termed “regular” sports, and e-sports. Given what you’ve demonstrated about the integration of technology and athleticism, materiality, the dynamic state of rules, the “small details” with big impacts, etc. in both e-sports and “regular” sports, do you have any thoughts as to why “professional e-sports” are still viewed, by some at least, to be inferior as “sports” to more traditional displays of ability? Is it a question of “authenticity”, as we’ve talked about in our class? How do you see this phenomenon affecting e-sports, esp. professional e-sports, as a genre in the future? As I’m sure you know, in some regions of the world (South Korea, for example), e-sports actually dominate the field of professional sports. How do we account for the region-dependent differences?

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One Response to Question for TL Taylor

  1. cstabile says:

    Good series of questions, especially the one about authenticity. MIght be interesting to think about golf and its reception — is Tiger Woods an athlete in the same way that Michael Jordan is? I guess I’d say yes — and when I look at professional e-sports, I look at young men doing things I could not do. An additional item to think about — why is there so much policing of what counts as a sport? Jeff might have some interesting insights from the world of alt sports.

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