Question for T.L. Taylor

Hello Professor Taylor,

When reading your chapter on computer games as professional sports, I was wondering most about the relationship that a gamer has to other gamers in the same way that a team captain may have to a team. How does leadership take effect in gaming? Is it a matter of the most talented gamer taking lead? Does communication make a difference as well (as in their skills as a speaker / typist or their access to a headset make them more defined as a leader)? And furthermore, without the physical presence of the participants, are there more instances of minorities and women as game leaders? How does leadership change when it is conducted through simulations?



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One Response to Question for T.L. Taylor

  1. cstabile says:

    Very good question. There’s been some research on guilds, clans, and other forms of in-game leadership — there was some online discussion a few years back about whether being a Guild Master was something that you should list on your resume (especially in the case of very large guilds).

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