Question for T.L. Taylor

Hello Professor Taylor,

While reading your chapter on computer games as a professional sport, I found particularly interesting the descriptions of how virtual play enlists a varying amount of engagement of the  corporeal body just as more traditional sports have always done. My question is this, do you see a remarkable difference between the engagement of the corporeal body in the “real” vs “virtual” world in response to the physical force of other players? For example, in football I can be tackled and forced to the ground but in Starcraft I can only be virtually subjugated and defeated. Do you think this makes any difference in terms of the effect it has on the player or the game? Psychologically? Physically? Emotionally? Logistically? 

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One Response to Question for T.L. Taylor

  1. cstabile says:

    Someone in class raised the point, I believe, that different games create different cultures (as true of video games as it is of “contact” v. “non-contact” sports. Short answer: yes, but these differences also manifest in “real” sports.

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