Question for T.L. Taylor

Professor Taylor,

In your discussion on the relationship between professional video gaming and the physical/material, I was struck by description of the variations in the physical gaming space, such as table quality/arrangement, chairs, noise, etc, and the comparison of ping speed and lag to “home court advantage.” Do you think that as professional gaming becomes more popular and there is more of a vested financial interest, tournament venues will move to standardize some elements of the physical space, similar to the standardized court sizes and basket heights in the NBA? Or will these differences also become a part of the “home court advantage,” similar to the way some NFL arenas are open-air and others are domes?


About Karlin

Karlin is a graduate of the Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon, with a degree in Marketing. He wrote his thesis on marketing movies using digital media. Television, and film aficionado, lifelong Portland Trail Blazers fan, recovering comic book nerd.
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