Brief Response to T.L. Taylor’s Talk

The one thing that really surprised me, even though I know it shouldn’t, was Prof. Taylor’s mentioning of the ‘theories’ why there is a lack of women in the professional e-sports scene. When she mentioned some of these theories she had heard during her fieldwork, it was difficult for me to imagine that her work was conducted just a few years back. Honestly, when people throw around explanations such as “women just don’t play video games,” or “women are inherently weaker players,” it makes me realize just how pervasive discrimination still is today, even after such powerful past civil rights movements. In all, I am sincerely glad I attended her lecture and learned loads from it.

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One Response to Brief Response to T.L. Taylor’s Talk

  1. kjjohnson52 says:

    Yeah! I was saying this in comments on my post below, I think there’s this idea in society that we’ve sort of overcome sexism and gender discrimination (at least, for the most part) when in actually we haven’t – the video game world is just one of many. It’s really unbelievable that people are still having these sorts of discriminatory tendencies.

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