T.L. Taylor Talk

One of the interesting points T.L. Taylor brought up during her talk at the Knight Library was the similarity between the treatment of women in e-sports and traditional sports. There is an overt effort to sexualize them, and they are often separated because of imagined differences in skill level. I thought the idea of using women-only tournament brackets as a “stop-gap” measure until they can catch up to men in terms of skill level seems completely illogical, since there is no real quantitative basis for claiming that men and women have different skill levels in e-sports competition. If tournaments want women to not be seen as novelties or stunts by male gamers, then the only solution is to stop segregating the players by gender.


About Karlin

Karlin is a graduate of the Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon, with a degree in Marketing. He wrote his thesis on marketing movies using digital media. Television, and film aficionado, lifelong Portland Trail Blazers fan, recovering comic book nerd.
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