Week 11: Mount Doom (e.g. wrap-up)


Here are some final business items for the end of the quarter:

1. All blog posts and blog post responses are due this Friday, 3/15, by 5 pm.

2. Because of this, I will not be able to grade them and add the extra credit for T.L. Taylor lecture until Friday, 3/22. I may be able to get to them sooner, but I’m leaving for this conference on Wednesday morning, so I’m trying to be realistic.

3. Finals week meeting: Tuesday, 3/19, 12:20-1:50, B90 Science Library (to the left as you walk through the gate at the entry)

4. Final blog post: Posted on blog by 4 pm, Monday, March 18 (note the date change

Have to turn in a hard copy to me in 208 Allen by 4 pm, Monday, March 18 (I will be there from 3:30-4 pm – can slide under door if you’re there before me). Details below:
  • 2500 words, with bibliography at the end (can use MLA, APA, or Chicago, but not a mix)
  • Extended piece of writing that criticizes or provides insight into issues that we’ve discussed this quarter
  • Should draw on readings and class discussions (or use those as a springboard)
  • Should incorporate a visual element (video, images, links, etc.)
  • Should be carefully proofread
  • When you post, use the category “final blog post” and tag your post appropriately

About cstabile

Carol Stabile is a founding member of Fembot , an online collaboration of scholars conducting research on gender, new media, and technology. She teaches at the University of Oregon.
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