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Unfurling the expanded Self: How Aspirational Identification + Avatars Can = Hyper-Real You

        Have you ever heard a recording of yourself and thought “oh my god who is that?, there is no way that’s me; my voice is way deeper.” I always cringe when I hear my recorded voice, … Continue reading

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Gamification: How Game Dynamics Alter the Behavior of Scientist, Workers, and Terrorists: FINAL BLOG POST

This blog post looks at gamification, or the use of game mechanics and dynamics to drive game-like engagement in largely non-game contexts. Of particular interest is how gamification is implemented by science, businesses, and social media sites to foster greater … Continue reading

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If Mario lived in Skyrim or a Japanese H-game he could be gay: some current options for representations of sexual identity in videogames

In the blog post Could Mario be gay? dargan99 points out that popular media is largely dominated by heterosexual-identifying characters and heteronormative relationships, and speculates that Japanese game designers such as Shin Megami Tensei may hold the potential to expand the “current … Continue reading

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Competition and Video games: Source of Aggression or Engine of Education and Change?

As we have discussed in class, violent and traumatic event such as the Sandy Hook School shooting often stir up controversy and debate in the media about the possible role of video games in promoting violence. While much research has … Continue reading

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T. L. Taylor Talk

Dr. Taylor’s talk both touched on, and expanded upon many of the points which we had discussed with her earlier that day in class. While Dr. Taylor’s attention to how the traditional model of masculinity is being augmented and changed … Continue reading

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Question for T. L. Taylor

Hello Professor Taylor, My question concerns how fan-generated information and media can be regulated with regard to recognition and compensation. While franchises such as StarWars tend not to adopt or endorse fan-created work, others such as WoW promote and adopt … Continue reading

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Imported Vs. Native Behavior: How Real World Norms and Game Structure determine MMORPGG Interaction

While readings this term have discussed topics ranging from the history of board games and the emergence of videogame culture, to hostile game environments, and avatarial identity, one of the topics which has interested me most is how real world … Continue reading

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