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Video Games in Education: Final Blog Post

Educational Video Game Use So Far There are a multitude of teaching styles implemented in k-12 school across the United States, varying from public schools that tie curriculum to the test, private Montessori schools that try to develop experiential learning … Continue reading

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A lesson Pascoe has taught me

I know that this is a subject from over a week ago, but a personal experience came to mind that I wanted to share. Names have been changed to protect specific people. I was at the bar with a friend … Continue reading

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T.L. Taylor Talk

Someone at the lecture asked roughly this question: “considering that video games are unproductive uses or waste of time, is it not a good thing that women are not playing video games and are then being more productive?” or something … Continue reading

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Blog post 3- rejecting women’s societal roles in video games

T.L. Taylor’s chapter ‘Where the Women Are’ really opened my mind up to the traditional thought about women and video game play. From elementary through high school, I had never really heard girls talking about video games or playing video … Continue reading

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Question for T.L. Taylor

Professor Taylor, At the end of the chapter you mention that there are ‘growing pains’ for e-sports, and that there will not be an end point where rules and regulations are finalized for e-sports because of emerging and changing technologies. … Continue reading

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Making Math Fun

By the time I had reached middle school, I knew just as much about the Byzantine Empire, Cataphract warriors and trebuchets as I did about photosynthesis and what makes plants green. This was not due to some childhood interest in … Continue reading

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