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Final Blog Post: Roosterteeth, Red vs Blue, and Machinima

Introduction Video media has undergone radical change in the course of twenty years from being a phenomenon only mass distributed on television to something that can be efficiently dispensed to home computers via the internet.  With the invention of the … Continue reading

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Blog Post 3: Video Games Being Art?

In, “Why Can’t We Make Another Shadow of the Colossus?” Amanda Lange, she brings up the famed movie critic Roger Egbert saying, “To my knowledge, no one in or out of the field has ever been able to cite a game … Continue reading

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T.L Taylor Extra Credit Post

I attended T.L Taylor’s talk and would have like to ask her more about the overlapping of the different kinds of masculinity (i.e. Hegemonic, Nerd, etc.).  I believe that it would be beneficial to her presentation to have a Venn … Continue reading

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Blog Post #2: Video Game Violence as a Potential Inidicator of Aggression?

In Ferguson’s article, “The School Shooting/Violent Video Game Link: Causal Link or Moral Panic?” Ferguson addresses the possible link between violent video games and gamer aggression exhibited in real life.  He states, “From this body of research, the empirical link … Continue reading

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Blog Post #1 Technology Uniting or Dividing us? The “Locker Gnome” vs Turkle

After our discussion in class today, I found this video on Youtube. (You might want to put on headphones as there are brief moments of strong language).  The “Locker Gnome,” as he calls himself, touches upon an idea that … Continue reading

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