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Sarkeesian in a TEDx talking about the Kickstarter incident and how it ended etc Advertisements

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Extended Blog Post: The Future of Games and Science

For our extended blog post, Vishesh and I decided to look at the interplay (hehe) between science and videogames. Specifically, we wanted to explore the role “serious” games can play (heatin’ up!) in the furthering of scientific goals. We also … Continue reading

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Question for TL Taylor

In Raising the Stakes, you make some great points about the surprising similarities between what might be termed “regular” sports, and e-sports. Given what you’ve demonstrated about the integration of technology and athleticism, materiality, the dynamic state of rules, the “small … Continue reading

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From the Power Gamers Themselves A professional League-of-Legends team brings the public in to see what life is like on their side of the game.

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Here Be Powergamers I don’t feel the need to say anything more.

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Not without its problems, but this might be interesting

This image is by no means reflective of the ideal gamer environment we’ve discussed in class, but it was interesting for me in that it diverged (ever so slightly) away from the “girls don’t game” mentality that seemed to be … Continue reading

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Blog Post #4: That Awkward Moment When You Realize You’re Playing on a Low Difficulty Setting

There are so many possible topics of response, but I want to focus mine very narrowly on the rationalization of oppression that is well articulated in both Nakamura and Salvo’s papers (and perhaps a questioning of where the onus of … Continue reading

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Blog Post #2 – Someone Get Ferguson a Medal (of Honor? ahuehue)

Ferguson’s article debunking any causal, or even positive correlational, link between violent videogames and real violence, spec. school shootings, based on existing data was applause-worthy. He spared no intellectual expense to categorically dismantle arguments made by “talking heads” from all … Continue reading

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Blog Post #1.5: Help Us, Gaming – You’re our only hope?

I didn’t sign up for this week to be an official post, but I couldn’t keep a response to Thursday’s “readings” to myself: McGonigal’s presentation is exciting, innovative, and optimistic. And once you’ve sobered up from the drinking game involving … Continue reading

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Blog Post #1 – Sport as a Tool for Reinforcing Class Divisions and Social Hierarchies

Bourdieu’s sociological assessment of sport as a cultural phenomenon is built upon the idea that sports are a socially-mandated consumer product. His essay is primarily an analysis of how “sport” is valued and sold to varying classes of people. What … Continue reading

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