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Final Blog Post: TETRIS and Other Videogames’ Effects on PTSD

Early in the term we watched Jane McGonigal’s TED talk entitled “Gaming Can Make a Better World” (2010). Her presentation focused on harnessing gamers’ inherent cooperative and decision making skills in order to solve the problems of the world, arguing … Continue reading

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Response to T.L. Taylor’s Talk

T.L. Taylor talked about the expectation of women gamers to be at the elite level in order to become a professional gamer, but women are never given the chance to train in a challenged environment in order to reach the … Continue reading

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Games to do you good

The scientific journal Nature, has podcasts about the articles published each week. This week there is a section in Comment called Games to do you good. I have only listen to the podcast so far but it is quite interesting hearing what … Continue reading

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Question for T.L. Taylor

In your book, Raising the Stakes, you speak of the importance and role of admins/referees in the world of e-sports. Through your examples of tournament play, there seem to have been issues regarding how to regulate during game play. How do … Continue reading

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Video Game High School

Video Game High School came out sometime last year and focuses one a reality where video games are everything in life. I know that it can be cheesy sometimes but I could not help but think of the scenes during … Continue reading

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Power Gamers

The idea that an individual can be “too focused, too intent and too goal-orientated” is somewhat surprising to me. When T.L. Taylor introduced power players, I was initially confused. The portrait she painted of power players was a negative one. … Continue reading

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Anita Sarkeesian

The first link is an interview with Anita Sarkeesian. Professor mentioned Sarkeesian multiple times during class today. If you follow the link to YouTube there are a lot of interesting responses to Sarkeesian. There are some responses that are very critical … Continue reading

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Blog Post #3: Fear of Connection

I have an irrational fear of social networking sites, games and virtual worlds. When Boellstorff introduced Second Life in Coming of Age in Second Life, I was intrigued by the idea that a virtual world could be helpful to a person’s self … Continue reading

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Hundred-Year-Old Magazine Predicted Exactly How Texting Would Ruin The World

I saw this image on BuzzFeed and thought I would share it with everyone.

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Military Games: Not Just A Game

Recently, Prince Harry has been criticized in the news due to his comparison of his time in Afghanistan to being like video games. However, is this necessarily a bad thing? Or could it be that there is some good in … Continue reading

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