Week 10: Resistance

Games: Dear Esther (2012), Wolfquest (2007)

3.12.12 Reading:

3.14.12 Reading

Week 10 further reading:

  • Jonathan Belman and Mary Flanagan (2010) “Designing Games to Foster Empathy,” Cognitive Technology 14(2)
  • Hilde Corneliussen (2008) “World of Warcraft as a Playground for Feminism,” Digital Culture, Play, and Identity
  • Ea_spouse (2004) EA: The Human Story
  • Mary Flanagan (2008) “Design Heuristics for Activist Games,” Beyond Barbie & Mortal Kombat
  • Amanda Lange (2010) “Why Can’t We Make Another Shadow of the Colossus?” Second Truth Blog
  • Jack Linchuan Qui (2009) “Places and Communities,” Working-Class Network Society

3.17.13: Extended Blog Post Due by 5 pm


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