Week 4: Cyborgs and militarization

Game: Call of Duty: Black Ops (2010)

1.29.12 Readings:

  • Randy Nichols (2009) “Target Acquired: America’s Army and the Video Games Industry,” Joystick Soldiers
  • There’s a Soldier in All of Us,” Call of Duty: Black Ops Television Commercial,

1.31.12 Readings:

  • Donna Haraway (1986) “Manifesto for Cyborgs,” Socialist Review
  • John Varley (1984) Press Enter

Week 4 further reading:

  •  Aaron Delwiche (2007) “From The Green Berets to America’s Army: Video Games as a Vehicle for Political Propaganda, The Players’ Realm, 91-109
  • Frédérick Gagnon (2010) “’Invading Your Hearts and Minds’: Call of Duty® and the (Re)Writing of Militarism in U.S. Digital Videogames and Popular Culture,” European Journal of American Studies
  • Nina Huntemann (2009) “Interview with Colonel Casey Wardynski,” Joystick Soldiers
  • Joel Penney (2009) “’No Better Way to ‘Experience’ World War II’: Authenticity and Ideology in the Call of Duty and Medal of Honor Player Communities,” Joystick Soldiers

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