Week 2: better or worse?

Games: Eve Online (2003), Foldit (2008), Freerice (2007) (These are recommendations for demos, mainly, but you may want to just check these games out briefly)

1.15.12 Reading:

  • Sherry Turkle (2011) “Introduction,” Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other

1.17.12 Reading:

Week 2 further reading:

  • Sam Anderson (2012) “Just One More Game,” New York Times Magazine
  • Mia Consalvo (2006) “From Dollhouse to Metaverse: What Happened when The Sims Went Online,” Gaming as Culture
  • Wu-Chang Feng, David Brandt, Debanjan Saha (2007) “A Long-Term Study of a Popular MMORPG,” Proceedings of the 6th ACM/SIGGCOM Workshop on Network and System Support
  • Ellen Seiter (2007) “Practicing at Home: Computers, Pianos, and Cultural Capital,” Digital Youth, Innovation, and the Unexpected
  • Mel White (2006) “Law and Disorder in Cyberspace: How Systems of Justice Developed in Online Text-Based Gaming Communities,” Gaming as Culture

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