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Video Games in Education: Final Blog Post

Educational Video Game Use So Far There are a multitude of teaching styles implemented in k-12 school across the United States, varying from public schools that tie curriculum to the test, private Montessori schools that try to develop experiential learning … Continue reading

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Final Blog Post: TETRIS and Other Videogames’ Effects on PTSD

Early in the term we watched Jane McGonigal’s TED talk entitled “Gaming Can Make a Better World” (2010). Her presentation focused on harnessing gamers’ inherent cooperative and decision making skills in order to solve the problems of the world, arguing … Continue reading

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Video Games, Art, and the Interactive Spectacle

Van Gogh was an artist; I’m comfortable saying that.  So is Louise Bougeois.  The same goes for James Turrell.  I am pretty confident about Donald Judd, and absolutely positive about Mark Rothko.  I hope more than anything that my professors … Continue reading

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Final Blog Post – Race and Culture in Grand Theft Auto

Jeff and Karlin Racial elements in media forms such as literature, television, and movies are heavily scrutinized.  There are images of racial stereotypes and interactions between people of certain races that pander to society’s insecurities and face value judgments of … Continue reading

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Extended Blog – Teaching Ecological Concepts Through Video Games

As ever more younger generations begin to immerse themselves (if they haven’t already) in the virtual world of video games, it comes as no surprise then that various educational institutions are now attempting to incorporate video games into their curriculum.  … Continue reading

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Extended Blog Post: The Future of Games and Science

For our extended blog post, Vishesh and I decided to look at the interplay (hehe) between science and videogames. Specifically, we wanted to explore the role “serious” games can play (heatin’ up!) in the furthering of scientific goals. We also … Continue reading

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